A revolution beings in Pennsylvania.

As a teen working at a deli in his neighborhood Pennsylvania farmer’s market, Dean Borrel dreamed of the day he would open his own sandwich shop. He spent his spare time building sandwich masterpieces in his parent’s kitchen in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania – searching for an idea that would revolutionize the sandwich as we know it.

One day, while revisiting his recipe for the perfect Philly cheesesteak, Dean reached for his favorite snack – a pretzel. And suddenly, everything became well… twisted. He spent the next two years tirelessly working to create the perfect pretzel dough – a proprietary recipe of sweet and savory flavors that would ultimately reflect the very essence of his Pennsylvania heritage.

And then… he stuffed it.

First, he stuffed and baked his cheesesteak sandwich in pretzel dough. Amazed by the incredible explosion of flavors, he tried stuffing the dough with buffalo chicken. Then pizza cheese and pepperoni. Each incredible creation was more delicious than the last! And as his friends began to line up at his kitchen door, Dean knew that he had finally reached true culinary nirvana.

Mr. Borrell opened his first stuffed pretzel stand at the Kutztown Renningers Farmers Market in May of 2008. Unable to keep up with the riotous demand of locals, he launched his flagship Pretzel Revolution store in downtown Kutztown in December of 2010.

And so began… the Pretzel Revolution.

So, what's a stuffed pretzel anyway?

Taking the science of the pretzel to a whole new level, Pretzel Revolution stuffed pretzels are a “twisted” take on your favorite sandwiches and snacks. Want a cheesesteak? We’ll wrap it up in our sweet homemade pretzel dough and bake it to warm, melty perfection.

More than just a snack, our wide variety of famous stuffed pretzels are the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner – and our stuffed pretzel desserts are a taste sensation you’ll come to crave.

So come join the Revolution! We've got a stuffed pretzel that will satisfy your craving for something incredibly delicious... and altogether unique.